-Gloria Homsy
Brilliant! This is an incredible little treasure of a book. I found this gem at the yoga studio I work at and I could not put down. I bought it right then and there and then stuck around to take a later class to make up for the one I missed in meditation with the lovely poetry and photo collection. Great gift or coffee table piece. I love it!

-J. McGill
I own this book. It's a beautiful ode to life, connection and spirit. The poetry will touch your heart and make you smile. The photographs will speak to your soul. It's a wondrous, lovely journey, from the author eyes to your imagination via nature. Enjoy!

-Scott Davis Jones "zapp"
A wonderful book of photographs and poetry - inspirational and expansive - with beautifully realized images that are not only technically accomplished but also evocative, serene and thoughtful.

My mom gave me a copy of this book. I couldn't stop reading the flowing words and gazing at the breathtaking pictures. This book a candid inspiration.

-Jose Ruiz
Art books come and go, and artists and photographers all vie for some validation of the time spend in the pursuit of expression.  Sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't.

With Maggie Lynch it works. She is a photographer whose images often capture a bit more than the eye can see.  Her book For You begins with the cover statement; a side mirror in a car with a vague, shadowy arm holding a camera.  

Is Maggie saying that this experience will have us looking back - or is she looking at what was - or what could have been?  Is she telling us that the images we are about to see appear closer than they really are?   Fortunately the only one to answer that accurately is the viewer, and as one enters the other pages, other images sometimes present similar allegorical questions.

The time-honored adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words" is in full play here, as these images often speak volumes about the moment of their inception.  

For writers, like me, that statement has been modified by necessity where it now proclaims that "a word is worth a thousand pictures!"   Here in this book  each photograph is accompanied by a page with words; short verses (written by Maggie).  Some expand the experience, others mystify it, and those words that create images at times form a transparent cell that when placed over the photo, changes and modifies the original, morphing it in the mind to something different.

Thankfully, this book does not attempt to impress the reader by posting technical data, like what kind of camera, or what ISO or lens opening.  That's for techies and photo-nerds.  

In fact, this book does not try to impress at all.  It's simply a collection of photos taken by a photographer with a unique vision and now she has put them together in an album which is pristine in its presentation and it appears as if she is saying  ". . . these are some photographs I've made to share.  They are for you."

To which we answer, "Thank you for sharing. We are all the better for it."

May/June 2013 issue of Nexus magazine in Colorado.

For You by Maggie Lynch
    In this refreshing and quietly powerful offering of photography and poetry, Lynch has entertained us, wowed us, and inspired us with her images of striking color, intimate nature, fluffy cats, gorgeous skies, and interesting structures. But her art doesn’t stop there. It takes the experiencer deeper with its brief, insightful expressions that read more like “sutras” than poetry.  

The more you want
The more the Universe dreams
For you
The more you dream
The more the Universe wants
For you

   On the cover, we find a shadowy reflection of the author, snapping a photo of the sunset we see in the mirror. Or is the photo she is taking really of us? Available at www.maggielynchbooks.com.  

4 stars


Debuting Maggie Lynch’s New Book: For You

March 2015

Written by  Sharon Laine

In her debut book, For You, Los Angeles based author Maggie Lynch has combined her years of experience as a metaphysical hands-on-healer and love of photography to create a tool for people who want to sit down, take a deep breath, and tap into their inner selves.

What exactly is a metaphysical hands-on-healer? They are individuals who help others understand and learn how to gain control over their thought processes for the purpose of changing their destinies, in relation to health, work, and life, among other things. 

According to Lynch, the way one aligns one’s thoughts, or self, can dramatically direct one’s path in life. Her goal has been and continues to help people stop negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones.

Lynch’s life journey has involved helping many expand their “selves” and realize the possibilities that lie within. She believes that by tapping into one’s own thought patterns, one can ultimately heal one’s self.

In For You, Lynch has paired numerous photographs that she’s taken from around the world and throughout her life with healing words. As good photographs often do, the ones in For You transport viewers to faraway places by invoking emotional responses.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lynch and discuss her journey from the book’s inception to publication:

Life in LA (LiL): What was your inspiration for the book?

Maggie Lynch (ML): After looking through the hundreds of beautiful photographs I’d taken over the years, it became important for me to find a way to get them out to the public in a format many others would enjoy. After meditating on the subject, musings came to me in a sort of “in-spirit” writing style; I just heard words and was then guided as to what to write.

Lynch’s approach is not a disciplined writing style in that she mindfully controls the pen. Rather, via meditation, voices come to her that direct her writing. These voices give her the words, which she’s complimented with her own photographs for her book.

LiL: What is your writing routine?

ML: During my morning and evening meditation, when noise is limited and my inner voices can be heard, I often receive messages. I have a sanctuary where I am open to these voices and am able to align my thoughts to stay positive.

Lynch often emphasized the importance of knowing one’s “self,” which can best be described as an energy force guided by thoughts and experiences. When meditating, she works to push herself into new and untapped areas of the "self." This allows her to explore new venues and create new energies both around and within her so that she can attain greater personal growth and continue to help others heal.

LiL: What were some of the challenges of getting the book into publication?

ML: I am a naturally shy person, and being “out there” in such a public way was scary, but the ride has been a fun and educational. The process has all been about my continued desire to learn and expand myself.

For You is a self-published book, so Lynch has learned the importance of social media as a promotional tool. Having once considered herself a social media illiterate, she now considers social media her friend and ally. She also has reached out to friends that have more expertise in marketing and editing books for guidance. She says her next challenge is to build awareness of the book by having it reviewed. Many yoga studios in and around Los Angeles have it in stock, so people are starting to talk about it.

LiL: What is the story behind the front cover?

ML: The picture shows how we are all aligned to this metaphysical energy field in some way. This photo shows the alignment of so many facets in a single second. The trucks, the sunset, the road. Together, they capture an instant of looking backwards while moving forward. This is my desire for all people: to become aware of one’s thoughts and the power they have to either heal or hurt.

LiL: Any new books in the works?

ML: Yes! A similarly styled book is “in the can” and will be published soon. I am excited about this new venture as an author and look forward to where it will lead. At heart, I consider myself a teacher first; publishing books is just a new format for me to teach about metaphysical healing.

For You is a well-priced book, perfectly sized to carry in a backpack or display on a coffee table. Its pictures alone are worth a flip through and the “musings” will make readers stop and think. Most of the photos are from California and Hawaii with a few from as far away as Ireland. 76 pages in length, the book is approximately nine by six inches in size.

To learn more about Lynch, visit her website at www.maggielynchbooks.com. Her book is available for purchase at Amazon via http://amzn.to/1v4vjeD or at Book Soup in West Hollywood.