I came in with the advent of rock and roll, what a fabulous era to experience!  Growing up in the fifties with Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, loving the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and in the sixties, marching on Washington against the war in Viet Nam . I was at Harvard then deciding whether to go to Woodstock or take my final exams.  I had skipped my senior year of college to enter their Masters program in Education. I did not have any interest in being a teacher but it was a fantastic place to be and fulfilled all my New England heritage expectations. Now the joke is on me, and what a delightful one it is, as I ended up a healer/teacher and counselor so many years later.

I have always been drawn to channels and their teachings and was guided to wonderful knowledge of my past lives, filled with healing and confrontations with power.  I explored these hints at who I was.  At first with some procrastination and eventually forgiving and developing parts of myself I had never even dreamed about. Now one of my greatest pleasures is in the joy of hands on healing.

As inner awareness grew, I changed the balance between work and play.  I still do some real estate ventures, have the opportunity to help others heal, take plenty of time for breathing and playing, and nurse my artistic leanings by learning and enjoying photography. 


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